Membership of AU’s pro-bono professional network is through nomination by current members of the professional network and approval by Core Team members. The pro-bono professional network is exclusively built of individuals who have already contributed in a meaningful way to AU’s work and mandate or who envisage making meaningful and timely contributions in the future. The network is built on trust, professionalism, and self-commitment. As a non-hierarchical and decentralised organisation we ensure that each nomination and acceptance undergoes a thorough, democratic, and transparent process.


1. A prospective member is identified and nominated by a current member of the professional network (the “nominator”); members, for this purpose can include trustees or Core Team members. A prospective member may approach a nominator on their own initiative.

2. The nominator may then invite the prospective member to submit a detailed CV and Letter of Motivation expressing their interest, citing relevant professional experience, and/or their past contributions to AU’s work and mandate  (thereafter, a “nominee”).  

3. The nominee must submit their application to AU’s administration via a designated email address indicating also the nominator who extended the invitation.

4. Applications from nominees must be considered and further approved by at least two members of the Core Team.

5. Upon approval by two members, the application will be sent to all current professional pro-bono network members who form the Legal Advisory Team who may oppose the application. If more than one quarter of members oppose an application, it will be subject to a final review by the Core Team who will ordinarily reject the application unless there are good reasons to decide otherwise. (Good reasons may include a lack of any reasonable basis for opposing an application). Any other objections will subject the application to a further review by the Trustee Board. The Trustee Board (after having consulted the Core Team for their views) may make the final decision on the application at their ultimate discretion.

6. If approved, the new member will join the AU network and help contribute to AU’s work and mandate going forward, as agreed. Their name and professional bio will be added to the AU’s website and publicised on social media with their consent.