Accountability Unit is a human rights NGO which advances gender based rights in conflict settings. We work with partners in countries where there is an urgent need to legally support women, girls and others facing severe human rights violations because of their gender. Our vision is the abolition of conflict related sexual violence and gender based harm. With that in mind we seek to: obtain legal redress for survivors of gender based rights violations in conflict settings; hold to account perpetrators of conflict related sexual violence; and advance gender mainstreaming and awareness of gender based rights.

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About us

We seek to promote , protect and enforce the human rights of people who are the victims of violations due to their sex or gender.

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Our work

Our work is strategically geared towards defending the human rights of oppressed individuals, vulnerable groups and minorities.


Our Legal Note on International Law Protections for Refugee Women in Relation to Trafficking outlines the international law protections for refugee women in relation to trafficking.

Our Legal Note on EU Protections for Child Refugees outlines the EU law rights and protections afforded to child refugees.



The difference in the way that the law treats women now is incredible compared to how it used to be. In the past, when you represented a woman who had been abused, the court used to say it didn’t want to know about her past, it only wanted to judge her on the present. But if you don’t contextualise a woman’s history of abuse, then she will simply not get justice.

— Baroness Helena Kennedy QC (Patron)