Open Letter to the Turkish Parliament regarding the law on sexual exploitation of children

This Open Letter outlines our concerns and recommendations regarding a proposed law on sexual exploitation of children in Turkey. We are concerned that annulling the current prohibition of all sexual acts with children under 15 years of age without further legislation prohibiting such acts, nor defining the crime of sexual exploitation of children, the Proposal effectively removes the age of consent for child victims. We wish for an open and transparent discussion of the proposed law and urge the Turkish Parliament to review the Proposal to amend Article 103 in light of many multi-disciplinary studies conducted on child exploitation and to consult lawyers and human rights practitioners working in this field when amending the law. 

Keywords: sexual exploitation, child abuse, Turkey, criminal law, age of consent, rape, child marriages, trafficking, rights of the child, impunity, legislation

Accountability Unit - Open Letter No.1 - November 2016