Amicus Curiae Brief - Case of Z.B.T. v. M.T. and M.G.E - Recommendations on Principles of Juvenile Justice in Turkey

Accountability Unit submitted an Amicus Curiae Brief to the Istanbul Anatolian 30th Criminal Court, concerning the lack of protection provided to a 12 years old girl (B.T.) who was effected by an ongoing legal battle between her parents (Case of Z.B.T. v. M.T. and M.G.E). We asked the Turkish Court to consider: (a) acting in accordance with the principle of the best interests of the child; and (b) that every child has a right to be heard during court proceedings and a right to self-determination on issues affecting their lives. We recommended that all necessary measures to be taken in order to protect B.T. within the juvenile justice system and from further violence and trauma by her care givers.

Accountability Unit - Amicus Curiae Brief - May 2017