Legal Note No. 5: EU law protections for women asylum seekers

This legal note outlines the EU law rights and protections afforded to women asylum seekers. The EU legal framework governing asylum claims and human trafficking generally takes into account the specific circumstances and special needs of vulnerable women; establishing, in particular, common rules on protections for asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking. While the EU framework takes into account gender issues, reservations have been expressed about its transposition and implementation at national level, contributing to protection gaps for women and girls. Some EU Member States fail to meet EU minimum standards. An oft-cited solution would be the creation of EU-wide gender guidelines on refugees to harmonise gender-sensitive asylum systems and to foster consistency across EU Member States.

Keywords: women, gender, trafficking, refugee, asylum, protection, impunity, legislation, human rights, EU

Accountability Unit - Legal Note No. 5 - January 2018